Thursday, November 8, 2012


Time now is 01:50am on the 7th of November 2012 as I write this and I am supposed to wake up at 04:30 for devotion till 06:00am to go to gym. If I am lucky I will wake up at 06:00am at least.

Ok let me speak fashion as yes the blog is FaithSpeaksFashion. "Li'l Girls being Women" I know you are going: "Huh?" in your head. I am talking about about how young ladies can stop dressing like little girls going for a Happy Meal, or young freshman at college or even worse some low paid scantily-dressed video babes and look more like respectable, attractive and virtuous women. Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting and nothing oozes sex appeal like a properly dressed woman.

You are reading above and thinking one moment Faith speaks scripture and the next she speaks about sex appeal. Well firstly Faith is a word-spitting, praying fashion designer and stylist and secondly let me just remind you that God created sex. But He did not create it for us to abuse and pervet it but He give it as a gift for married people. Yeah, that's can't separate me or my work from speaking God.

Let me explain sex appeal in a godly woman. I am not talking "come here I want you" appeal or "look at me and lust over me" seduction. There is nothing as sexy as a woman dressed properly and respectably (respecting herself, her body and others). Man are attracted to such a woman. They are more interested in getting to know her because she looks like the kind who can become a welll-grounded mother and respectable woman. Oh no do not shake your head like you do not want to get married while you have been compromising yourself in a relationship for ages.

What made me write this article actually is one particular woman who caught my eye on Sunday at church (Yep! I told you church people are also fashion-forward). Her name is Phindile Dindie Makatane. She had on an 80's turquoise and colourful pattern print blouse-jacket with a beige maxi dress. She topped the look with a box-braided hair updo. Her friend also who is actually my friend, Gugu Mirriam Thungwana was coincedentally almost dressed like her. Well as the saying goes birds of the same feather flock together, like minds think alike and the fact that the more you spend time with someone the more you start dressing the same, walking the same, talking the same and looking alike. That right there is impartation by assosciation through soulties. Gugu wore a  navy blue fitted/ body-hugging (not too tight), knee-length dress with a colourful print-patterned jacket that is almost similar to Phindile's one but has bigger shoulder pads.

The ladies looked gorgeous as you can see in the pictures.... They took me back to 1985 Fair Lady and Cosmoploitan magazines. That is just before the two young ladies were born hence i said "Li'l Girls being Women". 

There are just some people who can rock up retro fashion they make you want to go and visit your grandmother's cupboard for some vintage look and try it too. Well unless you are either too smaller or bigger than your oldies.