Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Being a new mom has opened my eyes to a whole lot of things. I love clothes and some bit of fashion and really enjoy dressing up. Now that I have a little man who has these cute little baby clothes to put on I realised how complicated, painful and stressful it easy for a small person who can't do much for himself to put their little heads through the restricting necks and their fragile little arms through the tiny sleeves.

I do not mind changing baby's diaper but oh no, when the little man's vest is damp from his spit or milk and we must now take out the romper and vest off from a very agitated baby!! I really wish the tops were full buttons down and the sleeves detachable and with sleeves. Ok, no, that does not inspire me to design baby clothes yet.

The easiest baby clothes are button down rompers and pull up pants for newborns. I know it gets better as they grow to maybe 4months or when they can sit up. Anyway, despite the stressful pull outs and pull ons for babies I love how creative designers/ parents have become with baby clothes. 

Below you will see mostly baby boys than baby girls. I tried finding interesting and cute bay girls clothes and found them to be more of the same things which arer frills and tutus. I love the flower shoes though. Their headbands are also cute but can sometimes look too tight. Mummies should not leave those things on for their pretty princesses for too long.

See below the very cute, creative and interesting baby clothes.

Cute As A Teddybear

Suited To Burp and Drool

Is he just not adorable in his matchin tie and Sneakers?

Little Geek Dressed Up
Mr. Cool
Little Mr. Party

Dressed To Impress

Prince Charming Baby

 Let me share the baby girls fashion pictures I found:

Lady In Red
Ready to go out

A Day From The Mall

                                    Disclaimer: None of the pictures I used I mine. I found them from various websites through Google Image search.

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