Thursday, January 17, 2013


I love fashion or rather let me say I love clothes and how they look on people. I love how people dress up to suit their body, to suit the kind of event they are going to. I also love how venues, offices and event decor looks. The first thing that strikes my mind when I see a person, walk into a premises (office, house, retail shop, hotel, etc) or an event is how they are styled, how things like colour, fabric, accessories, furniture are put together. So I found this to be my passion.


My passion is not really just fashion but my passion is what appeals to the eye. What people tend to take lightly is that image is everything. Image is a selling tool. Everything you buy these days is packaged in something that can either attract you, make you think twice or put you off. In marketing and advertising I learned about AIDA which is acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Most people are not aware that daily we are selling ourselves to people around us. As you dress up and go out, whether to work, play, church or just to go have fun you are actually packaging yourself as a Product that would either sell or not.

Your image can either sell you as high value, priceless or cheap. Your image communicates the kind of person you are. It can say professional, eloquent, decent, crazy, lazy, careless, etc. If you are the kind of person who says: “I do not really care about clothes, fashion or style.” you might be shortchanging yourself in many ways. Say for example you work in a corporate environment but you go to work in jeans and T-shirts. I understand, you might say you work in a relaxed and chilled environment but are you going to look like a student at varsity or a teenager hanging at your mom’s or dad’s office for the rest of your life? This than poses a challenge for you the day you want to change jobs. Firstly you need to look professional to go for an interview and all your shoes are takkies and sneakers (man) or pumps and sandals (lady).

However there must also be a balance in how you look. Some people invest so much time in their looks it makes you wonder what time they wake up. This is common in ladies. There is nothing wrong ladies but tone down a bit so that your image does not scream: “High maintenance!!!” Your make up must not look like you spend your whole foundation on your face.  If you have fake eyelashes, be minimal on the lipstick or choose your colours properly to suit where you are going. As a former recruitment specialist I would be weary of a: “30 cm long fake eyelashes, red lips, 4 layer foundation and pink-blushed face with the longest red or other colour with glitter nails wearing a short skirt, or extremely tight pants. The word says “Do not cause another to fall” and the image I just described can make one fall by judging you.

When you dress up to go to church, remember that as much as God is your Father we are not going on a picnic with Him or going to wash the car with him. Ladies and gentlemen, the same way you dress up to go to a wedding or a party, honour God by dressing up for Him. Dress appropriately. Hear me well I am not saying dress expensively, I am saying dress appropriately. We are willing to dress up for people saying you are dressed to kill but you take God for granted and dress as if you are going to the shops or a club. Honor God with your dressing. I miss those days when women used to wear dresses or two piece suits with hats and men were never allowed to come to church without a jacket.
If you have trouble dressing yourself up, contact me and let us find an image that best communicates who you are.  If your business premises look like an office when it is actually a salon or clothing shop you might be loosing business.  Let me help you with your image.

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